Working at UTHealth Houston as a clinical faculty member offers the opportunity to directly impact patient care, collaborate with renowned clinicians, and participate in innovative medical advancements while nurturing future healthcare providers. 
Joining UTHealth Houston as a research faculty member provides an enriching environment to conduct groundbreaking research, access state-of-the-art facilities, and collaborate with interdisciplinary teams, fostering scientific discoveries that transform lives.

At UTHealth Houston, academic faculty members engage in inspiring the next generation of healthcare professionals, enjoy a vibrant learning community, and contribute to cutting-edge curriculum development, promoting excellence in education and shaping future leaders in healthcare. 

Medical Insurance We pay 100% of the medical insurance premiums for our full-time employees and offer competitive rates for part-time team members. We also offer other benefits like vision and dental for both the employee and family members!
Paid Leave When you start with UTHealth Houston, you immediately start accruing both sick and vacation time! In addition to holidays and a preventive day each year, our generous leave accruals make sure you have the WorkLife balance you need!
As an employee of the State of Texas, you’ll be enrolled in the Teacher Retirement System (TRS), a defined contribution plan covering higher education employees! Additionally, we offer voluntary retirement programs to help you plan for retirement!
Well-being Resources
UTHealth Houston supports employee well-being. Our Employee Assistance Programs offers a variety of services including counseling and consultation services with a licensed mental health professional, legal and financial resources, and WorkLife referrals.